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Expiration of Applications for Admission by Examination Score


Tennessee Board of Law Examiners

An application for admission by examination, re-examination, or transferred UBE score expires and closes upon the earlier of:

  1. admission and issuance of a license;
  2. filing with the Board a notice of withdrawal of the application by the applicant;
  3. denial of a license under Rule 7, Section 9.05;
  4. thirty days after the entry of the order denying the application due to failure of the applicant meet the character and fitness standard in Rule 7, Section 6.01;
  5. thirty days after the entry of the order denying a transferred UBE score for failure to meet eligibility requirements;
  6. expiration of exam or UBE scores;
  7. six months after the last communication from the Board sent following completion of the background investigation, and which remains unanswered by the applicant for admission by transferred UBE score; or
  8. three years after the last submitted application for examination or re-examination.  

To re-apply after an application expires, begin with an Application for First-Time Applicants. You will need to re-submit all documentation, including a new NCBE application, law degree verification and transcripts. In the NCBE Application, list each prior Tennessee application in response to the question regarding “Bar Exam.”